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Boxes on Conveyor Belt

Amazon Reviews

We are a collection of makers who strive to craft products that will leave a lasting impact with our customers and the world. Part of being a creative force is accepting critique and feedback. If you purchased a product from our Amazon store we would love to hear from you! Leave us a review from the link below. Let's build a more creative world together! 

Product Care & Usages 

Leather Care

We've started with high quality materials sourced right here in the USA, but even the best products are only as good as how you care for them. Using years of real world experience through testing and use we've compiled a list of best practices to keep your leather pieces lasting for years to come. 

How To Strop

Our Double Sided Leather Strop has been designed and tested to be the perfect sharpening tool for both professionals and beginners alike. While intuitive to use, we have created a starters guide to get you started. We've also provided insight on the best compounds to use  for the best results based on the tool.

Blade Care

A great knife will stay with you for years. In order to protect what protects you we have created a best practices guide for knife care. This guide will help you better hone your edge, prevent rust, and keep your blade in out of the box shape whether you are hunting, fishing, camping, or surviving the bush. 

We Are Weston Creatives

{ We're building a more creative world. }

From metalworking and leathercrafting to digital art and design and everything in-between our mission is to better our customers and the world through a commitment to craftmanship, quality, and accessibility. To that purpose our experience driven retail brands allow you to live the joy of creating something unique with your own two hands. Whether you have purchased a product we lovingly made, took a class, or lived one of our experiences...Welcome to our creative world. 

Bavarian Blacksmith Experience

Located in Michigan's Little Bavaria, our Frankenmuth forge allows guests of all ages to experience the thrill of creating hand-forged pieces that will last a lifetime.

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