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child watching blacksmith

Ignite Creativity!

​Join us for an adventure that starts at the dawn of time!​

  • Receive an overview of the History of Blacksmithing

  • View a technique and safety demonstration 

  • Explore the tools and lingo of the trade - both ancient and modern

  • Connect with artisans eager to pass on their knowledge

  • Get an authentic hands-on experience as an Apprentice, forging a memento to take home and treasure.

Fieldtrip Toolkit

Students learn better by doing. Kinesthetic (or Hands-On) Learning has students engaging in physical activities to learn a subject instead of reading or a simple lecture. Teachers give your students a hands on experience into history with a field trip they won't soon forget! 

Students Retain More
Hands-on learning better engages both the left and right sides of the brain.

Improved Attention
During a long lecture, there's nothing a student is paying attention to more than the clock. Hands-on activities get students up and moving.

Encourages Teamwork and Critical Thinking
Many real-world jobs involve working in groups on projects and finding innovative solutions to problems with critical thinking. During hands-on activities, students work together and foster teamwork skills.

Download our Fieldtrip Toolkit to get your next hot fieldtrip scheduled with us!

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