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Blacksmith Knife

Blacksmith Knife

Sharp, strong, and stylish this fixed-blade utility knife has been battle tested by the ages and hand forged to be the perfect accompaniment for Beserkers, Butchers, Backpackers, Beekeepers, and anyone who wants more than just a flimsy folding pocket knife at their side. Made from high carbon steel and forged right here in the USA, the Blacksmith Knife's overall length is 8 inches with the blade length being 3.5 inches while the handle is a comfortable 4.5 inches. Weighing only 3.2 ounces, this knife is durable without adding additional weight making it ideal for campers, hikers, and backpackers. There is a reason this belt knife has stood the test of time: It works. The handcrafted Blacksmith Knife, or as we call it the "Norse Classic", fits securely into the purpose designed genuine leather sheath, keeping it secure whether you are hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, or invading England during Raid Season. Made in America from only the most quality American sourced materials, our fixed blade Blacksmith Knife is built for adventurous people by adventurous people. Whether you are woodcutting, skinning, deer hunting, cooking, or camping this fixed blade knife is a perfect redesign of an absolute classic.


  • Stylishly Simple: A striking knife does nothing if it can’t continue to do what a knife needs to do when you need it most. Our stylish yet simple design stems from historic roots with generations of proven versatility. Reimagined by Forged in Fire Champion and award winning artist Josh A. Weston our blacksmith utility knife adds style, comfort, and art to a millennium tested blade
  • No Assembly Line: Made right here in the USA from American sourced materials each limited batch of knives is hand crafted to provide the optimal blend of form and function
  • Lightweight & Durable: In a hike of miles ounces matter. The historically accurate skeleton handle design eliminates weight while maintaining a comfortable hand feel and secure grip making the Blacksmith Knife an ideal EDC option for hikers and backpackers.
  • High Carbon Craftsmanship: Forged from high carbon steel this fixed-blade knife keeps an edge with minimal maintenance. Designed to last season after season of hunting, camping, and outdoors adventures simply use a ceramic rod or sharpening stone on the edge and go.
  • A Modern Take On A Traditional Blade: Our US based bladesmiths have found the perfect balance between time honored tradition and modern functionality. More than just another folder, this utility knife is a striking conversation starter with a millennium of proven performance.
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