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Genuine Leather Strop Knife Sharpener

Genuine Leather Strop Knife Sharpener

Generally, a leather strop knife sharpener is usually used to remove the “burr” from the cutting edge of a freshly sharpened blade. Stropping is the final step in honing a blade’s edge down to a microscopic level.

This genuine leather strop has a smooth texture on one side and a tufted surface on the other side. This double-sided design allows you to get mirror-like sharpness for your tools after stropping

Our leather strops for sharpening knives can be used not only on your hand forged experience knife but also as a razor strop for all different types of knives, such as hunting knives, pocket knives, fillet knives, kitchen knives, chef’s knife, woodworking chisels, carving knives, plane blades, straight razors, axes and other tools.

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