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Pocket Sharpeners

Pocket Sharpeners

SKU: PockSharp

Wide Application: Sharpening stone is used for general sharpening, hunting, outdoor exploration, fishing, etc. Suitable for hunters and fishermen, campers, workers and archers blades and scissors.
Adjustable Pocket Knife Sharpener: Pocket knife sharpener with fine grain size that can be scaled backwards and then adjusted to different lengths.
Pocket Pencil Sharpener: The pocket pencil sharpener is designed as a pen and with a pocket clip for the shirt for more convenient storage.
Great Outdoor Sports Accessories: The multi-purpose sharpening stone is specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts and is an indispensable tool for them.
Quality Guarantee: Handy for most cutlery tool sharpening need, this pocket sharpener is ideal for kitchen, mending knives, serrated blades and scissors.

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